Ace Group International

If anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the ground floor of something real and fun and inspiring and true in this godforsaken business and we will do it together!
Who's coming with me?

Jerry Maguire



Have you ever seen the movie Jerry Maguire? Then that's us... sort of... or at least that is what people say when we describe what we do. Granted, no-one in our team looks exactly like Tom Cruise but we think that the story of a man, loyal to his clients, who breaks the mercenary grip of the big sports agencies to start out on his own, is not a million miles away from our own.

ACE Group International was started by Patricio Apey in 2001, following 14 years with one of the big three management companies, with the aim of building a boutique Talent and Events management agency that could carve a niche – just when the industry was going through a consolidation phase.

From humble beginnings, the agency has been fortunate enough to represent or negotiate contracts on behalf of Grand Slam winners in Tennis, Major winners in Golf and Champions League stars in Football. We've also created the hugely successful pre-Wimbledon tennis event called The Boodles.

No-one knows what happens to Jerry Maguire after the movie ends, but we're pleased to say that the ACE Group story has been developing for 10 years now and it just keeps getting better.

We admit that we have never shouted "Show me the money!" at anyone down a phone-line...well, not that often anyhow.